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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Who do we call if we have a problem with our phone systems?
  • East River Communications support team is available 24/7 with onsite engineers and technician available whenever needed. Contact us at any time for assistance.
  • Can we keep our current phone number?
  • You are not required to change either your phone lines or phone number. Everything can stay the same. Should you need additional phone lines, contact us, and we will help you.
  • Can East River Communications help lower our telecom expenses?
  • Our services and solutions are proven to lower your overall communication expenses. We streamline your current systems and eliminated outdated and overpriced contracts, as well as unused technology and equipment.
  • How can I find the right VoIP and hosted solution for my business?
  • Our job is for your business to succeed. We help you find a solution that fits your business best. With the various types of VoIP systems we have, we perform free, detailed assessments and evaluations to determine what would suit your organization.
  • What size businesses do you service?
  • We provide tailored solutions for all industries and business sizes.

Cyber Security

  • What is malware?
  • Malware is a software that infiltrates and damages the computer system without the owner's knowledge or consent. Malware can potentially steal data and cause your equipment to be unusable.
  • How can I prevent malware infection?
    • Be wary of "free" software
    • Educate your employees on ways to avoid traps
    • Use a firewall
    • Use quality anti-spyware software
    • Update security patches regularly
  • At East River Communications, we always use a proactive approach with our cyberattack prevention techniques to ensure safety.
  • How can I remove malware?
  • It can be either easy or hard to remove malware once it's taken over your computer.

    First, you would scan your computers with a scanning program made for malware detection. Second, attempt to remove the threat manually, if you see a suspicious file, delete it. If you can't locate the threat, it is critical to contact a professional who can find ways to remove the threat and salvage any loss. Third, find a quality anti-malware software that will combat the latest threats and offers effective prevention tactics.
  • What should I look for in anti-malware software?
    • Look for software with a high malware detection rate
    • Proactive protection
    • Professional threat research technology and support
    • Easy to use with a simple interface
    • Email and web protection
    • Use multiplatform and multi-device licenses
    • Regular data back up software

Security Cameras and Surveillance

  • How much will the security cameras record?
  • Modern security cameras use a hard drive for storage, so your cameras can record months worth of footage.
  • Do the cameras stay on all the time?
  • Yes, these security cameras are always recording, whether stationary or in motion.
  • How far can the cameras see?
  • Our security cameras can see up to 70 feet away with clarity and contrast.
  • Is East River Communication’s surveillance camera system affordable for smaller businesses?
  • Yes, we offer affordable solutions for the type of business you have. Contact us to get a quote.

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