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The Benefits of Annual Preventative Maintenance

July 19th, 2019 by admin

Networks and system downtime can cost your business upwards of $6,000 per minute, or $360,000 per hour, according to a Gartner study. Just think how that can negatively affect your business? Losing that much money can mean the difference between going out of business or struggling (and possibly spending even more) to recover. To save in costs and keep your business afloat, is it critical to perform annual, monthly, quarterly, and daily maintenance checks on your IT and telecommunication systems. The purpose of a system maintenance checks is to reduce the chance of system outages, failures, security threats, and breaches as well as minimize system crashes caused by outdated drivers and other software issues.

Systems should be checked as often as daily to get the most out of your IT systems with data backups, malware scans, checking for updates, and not leaving your computers running overnight to save on electricity, reduce wear-and-tear, and lower the chance of threats. All of these can be done on your own, using the proper software and tools.

Monthly checks may require your IT provider or support team and include cleaning out disk drives, performing defragmentation, so files that have been split into several different folders are put back together to allow smoother system performance, physical cleaning of your hardware from dust particles and dirt.

Annual checks are more detailed and will likely require an IT specialist or provider to perform. These tasks include: a complete backup of your systems into the cloud or a secure private remote server, organizing your data directory structure, updating any necessary software, replacing outdated hardware or performing a thorough cleaning of equipment, and ensuring that you have the latest and most effective security solution to keep your business safe from threats.

Preventative maintenance allows your business to run smoothly and significantly reduce the likelihood of crashes, downtimes, and outages; and having a regular maintenance plan and structure setup will keep your operations organized and tremendously save you time and money. At East River Communications, we can help you create a maintenance plan for your business and even take the hassle out of maintenance by performing all of your maintenance tasks entirely for your company.

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