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“ At Annex Bank, security is our number one priority. With our online applications, mobile banking software, and more, we needed a partner who could stay vigilant and offer superior security software and technology. East River Communications provided us with specialized software to detect threats at early stages and cloud technology that keep our customers and data safe. We foresee using their service for many years to come. ” Isaiah Eddena, Annex Bank

“ As VP of operations and technology, I was extremely impressed by the 24/7 support and onsite maintenance East River Communications gives us. We have been partners since the beginning, and your team has never failed to resolve a problem expeditiously. In a world full of IT challenges, there is always peace of mind where you find the right partner to help your business thrive. East River Communications is the right partner. ” Doug Houston, Para Holdings, Inc.

“ Our organization has been with East River Communications for over 20 years. Professional, quality, experienced, and very knowledgeable are the words that describe East River Communications. They helped our firm through technology implementations, upgrades, and security with their fast and swift service and expert support team. I strongly recommend East River Communications as a resource to get your business to the next level. ” Sonja Nunez, River City, Inc.

“ East River Communications was able to detect a problem in our networks and servers. Our former provider who set up or networks did not configure our network, servers, or access points correctly. East River Communications saved our business so much money by fixing our systems. We highly suggest giving them a call before speaking with any other IT provider if you are looking to have the best technology and trusted support. ” Geneva Mathis, Brainwave Association

“ As a small business, moving to the cloud wasn't something that we felt prepared for, but East River Communications made the move so easy and simple. They provided us with better security than we had before and storage space to allow us to grow and expand. ” Jody Watkins, Association Next, Inc.

“ A new parent company acquired us, so we needed new phone systems for the growth that our business was experiencing. Our phone systems were old and outdated, and we sought out many providers who quoted us either over-priced rates or had policies that didn't meet our business needs.

When we contacted East River Communications, we were amazed at how they took the time to get to know our business and instantly knew what we needed, created a plan and implementation strategy that works seamlessly with our operations. All in all, it was a pain-free, worry-free, and stress-free process, and now we have phone systems that suit our organization and at a rate that can't be beat. ¬†East River Communication took care of every single detail. ” Lynn Robertson, True Life Corporation

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