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The Benefits of SD-WAN for Businesses

May 23rd, 2019 by admin

What exactly is SD-WAN? SD-WAN stands for Software-defined wide area network, and it simplifies operations by utilizing seamless connectivity and routes the traffic on your networks; reducing the need for multiple routers and provides better overall flexibility and control for remote and central office locations. Software and cloud-based WAN allows for a simpler network and enables advanced and high-quality internet connectivity with improved security and reliability. As businesses grow and expand, a traditional multiprotocol label switching method, commonly referred to as MPLS, becomes very costly and takes some time to deploy, ultimately slowing down your operations. Overall, SD-WAN and cloud technology has proven to be the better option in network and WAN connectivity.

Methods like MPLS, require hardware and circuits as well as high bandwidth costs with increased usage, which all become very costly. Security also takes a back seat when it comes to the multiprotocol system as it does not include data protection. Cloud technology has been known to provide businesses with flexibility and efficiency; this includes cloud-based WAN technology as well. Many companies are making a move to cloud technology, which means SD-WAN is becoming increasingly more popular due to the benefits that come with this cloud-based WAN infrastructure.

  • Removes the burden of using physical devices for traffic management to utilizing software and the cloud.
  • Comes with enhanced data security protocol with built-in encryption capabilities to allow limited access to authorized users.
  • With no bandwidth penalties, it supports flexible scalability and upgrades at no extra costs.
  • Overall cost-effectiveness
  • Everything is done via the internet and through the cloud
  • Complete visibility within the network
  • A decrease in packet loss and latency

While MPLS can still be beneficial for certain types of businesses like ones that require real-time applications such as some POS systems in retail stores and data centers, SD-WAN is excellent for companies that are planning for growth and expansion, with high traffic, and multiple branches and locations.

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